The goal of Hepatitis C therapy is to clear your blood of the Hepatitis C virus (HCV). During treatment, your doctor will monitor the level of virus in your blood (viral load). When the virus can no longer be detected, it’s called a virologic response and it means your treatment is working.

If the virus continues to be undetectable six months after treatment is complete, it’s called a sustained virologic response (SVR). Why is this desirable? Because 99 percent of people who achieve SVR remain virus-free for life and may be considered cured. Because you no longer have the virus in your system, you don’t have to worry about infecting anyone else (this is Hep C Live Free). Importantly for the patient your liver is no longer under attack. However if you’ve already sustained some liver damage, you may need further treatment.

A 12 week treatment package is available for as low as $4999.99 US with three follow up appointments included. Book a consultation and let us find the best treatment available for you.

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